The Clinic Mundelein staff is dedicated to serving the patients of Lake County, Illinois and make the biggest difference to local residents in Mundelein, Vernon Hills and the surrounding communities. Please visit our news page for more information about our team.

The Clinic Mundelein’s team consists of the following members:


Myke LaMontagne Shift Supervisor

Myke LaMonHeadshot - Myke Ltagne started with The Clinic Mundelein as a Patient Care Specialist in 2016 and is now a member of the management team as Shift Supervisor.  Myke has had retail experience with FedEx for many years and received a degree in graphic design from Elgin Community College.   He brings positive energy and leadership to The Clinic’s team and is always looking out for the best interest of the patients.  Always researching the medicinal effects of all our products, Myke brings a knowledgeable perspective when making recommendations to our patients.

Myke resides in the northwest suburbs, has a brother and sister, plays guitar, can sing on key, loves to travel, and experience new adventures.

Janet Parry Outreach Coordinator

Janet Parry joined the The Clinic Mundelein family in April, 2018 as our first dedicated Outreach Coordinator. She lives in Deer Park with her husband, Bill, and their puggle, Archie.  She has three grown children who she loves spending time with.  She also enjoys gardening, hiking, crafting and traveling when Janet is not helping patients find relief.

Janet’s background is in advertising and marketing.  Her experience working in the senior community gives her a unique and interesting perspective giving her wonderful insight into who can benefit from medical cannabis.  Her personality shines and the patients of Lake County are taking notice.

Brigitte Willis Patient Care Specialist


Brigitte Willis was raised in Fort Wayne, Indiana where she attended Ivy Tech College to obtain her Associates Degree in respiratory therapy.  Ms. Willis was a Registered Respiratory Therapist (RRT) for 28 years.  She is experienced in hospital-based care for neonatal, pediatric and adult patients. She also has experience in patient transport, accompanying critical condition patients all over the world, including India, Brazil, and Morocco.  

Brigitte has traveled with LEAP Global Missions in Haiti and Belize since 2006 as part of a plastic surgery team for pediatric patients.

Brigitte and her husband live with their two sons. She lived in North Carolina for 16 years until moving to Barrington, Illinois in 2015 with her family. She is an avid racquetball player. She believes in proper nutrition and living a holistic lifestyle .

Stephen Plaza Patient Care Specialist

Hailing from the northwestern suburbs of Chicago, Stephen worked previously as a paramedic in the Evanston area. He also has prior experience working as a fraud investigator dealing specifically in white collar crimes.

As a patient himself, Stephen is thrilled to be involved in the medical cannabis community and consistently gaining knowledge to help patients in need.  During his free time, Stephen enjoys reading and doing research for his podcast.

Savanna Tragasz

Savanna Tragasz was born and raised local to Mundelein. She is passionate about holistic health, treating disease with plant-based medicine as well as diet nutrition.  She has worked at a variety of jobs, ranging from campground registration at Yellowstone National Park to a chiropractic and massage therapy clinic.

She believes wholeheartedly in the healing power of plants, community, music, and simply spending time outside in the sun. Savanna spends her free time cooking, hiking, camping, and doing yoga.

Joseph Escobedo

Joseph Escobedo was born and raised in the northwest suburbs of Illinois.  As patient at The Clinic Mundelein, Joe has been battling with one of the 39 approved conditions since 1997.  Now he takes a more holistic approach to western medicine as Joe found relief from cannabis when standardize pharmaceuticals failed him.  The improvements he made in using marijuana changed his life and led him to become a Patient Care Specialist at The Clinic Mundelein to help other patients find much needed relief.

Before finding his calling in the medical cannabis field, Joe was an owner of a trucking company where he worked in the construction field.  Two years ago he decided to exit construction and he now is studying to get his BA at SNHU.

Joe enjoys helping people live a better life and he looks forward to the future in the cannabis field.

“When you smoke marijuana, you are in the moment and you are happy. You forget about any worries of the past or the future. – Tommy Chong

Mario Roque

Born and raised in Chicago, Mario now lives in Lake County and has since high school.  He worked for Nike for 5 years and for the five years before joining The Clinic Mundelein he worked as a nursing assistant at Advocate Condell Medical Center.  Mario’s desire to educate debilitating patients about a safe, alternative to relief and a better quality of life led him to be a Patient Care Specialist at The Clinic Mundelein.

Big Star Wars nerd, avid hip hop listener, and die hard horror fan.

Megan Dziekanski

After becoming a patient herself a couple of years ago, Megan decided that she would like to help others find relief as she had done by exploring cannabis as an alternative treatment.  Since recently joining the team at The Clinic, Mundelein, she truly enjoys being able to work with other patients on a daily basis.  She loves learning from her coworkers and patients alike, along with conducting her own research about this amazing plant.

Megan received her Bachelors of Science in Psychology from the University of Wisconsin and has had experience working in multiple fields, from bookkeeping to catering and bartending, to customer service, retail management, and social work.  These experiences gives her a unique perspective, skill set, and a passion for helping others.

Megan lives with her spouse, two dogs, three cats and a chameleon named George in the northern suburbs. She enjoys cooking and making her own edibles and tinctures, but admits she has more to learn and is excited to continue her exploration. She also enjoys sewing, painting, and just about any other kind of art, and thrift shopping with her husband, Andy.

Dawn Patient Care Specialist

Dawn started working at The Clinic Mundelein in January 2019 as a patient care specialist. Before taking on the roll at the clinic, Dawn worked in the food and bar industry for 7 years. Cannabis has always been a huge interest of Dawn’s and she is so grateful to be able to help guide others with this medicine!

She loves that there’s so much to learn and spreading her knowledge with others! Dawn currently lives in lake county with her boyfriend Keith, their 8 year old son D.J., and their dog Khloe. She enjoys taking her son to six flags, the park, and the library on her days off!

Keyaila Gholar-Auckland

My name is Keyaila Gholar-Auckland and I am 29 years. My husband and I have four children together, three boys and one girl, who we cherish and adore. We enjoy traveling, getting into new adventures, and creating DIY
craft projects.

Before starting at The Clinic Mundelein I graduated college in 2018 as a Registered Medical Assistant (RMA) and Certified Phlebotomist. I have also spent a lot years working with children at camp
Henry Horner and volunteering at local nursing homes.

Sarah Patient Care Specialist

Sarah is very grateful to be part of the cannabis community. She credits cannabis with helping her lead a healthy lifestyle. She uses this philosophy to better connect with others seeking advice on the benefits of cannabis.

Sarah finds great fulfillment assisting people who are trying to find their relationship with cannabis. She believes we are able to improve quality of life by with perspective, dialogue and sharing our experiences!

Sarah loves being a Mom to her two awesome kids, handful of fur babies and a few feathered friends too. Sarah loves live music, exploring nature and spending quality time with her family.

VersAnnette Blackman-Bosia a.k.a “Verse” Patient Care Specialist/New Patient Registrar

VersAnnette Blackman-Bosia a.k.a “Verse” is an abstract painter and published poet, facilitator and Licensed Massage Therapist who hails from Chicago. Prior to working at The Clinic, Verse ran her own business teaching art workshops in places like Domestic Violence shelters, underserved communities and selling art to Behavioral Health hospitals, Psychotherapy offices and community centers. Prior to this she taught poetry and led book group discussions with high school students at various schools in Chicago.

Verse believes that the body has an immense capacity to heal itself. “With cannabis and a commitment to doing our deep inner work, we have an incredible opportunity to live as whole, free and compassionate beings who spark joy, love and creativity wherever we are.”

Jillian Gourley

“Before finding herself at the Clinic of Mundelein, Jill worked full time as a massage therapist. She has since decided put her massage practice on hold to pursue plant medicine after seeing how effective it can be and how much it can increase the quality of life for someone who is struggling with their health and well-being. Jill is currently a student the College of Lake County pursuing a degree in horticulture as well as obtaining certifications in Natural Areas Management, Horticulture Production and Sustainable Agriculture. On the side she studies the medicinal applications of plants and how this can relate to what she learns in school.

Working with cannabis and constantly self-studying to learn as much as possible about the plant is her passion and she is so excited to grow in every sense of the word. Cannabis is a form of medicine where the patient can be put back in control of their own health. That is what drives Jill to learn all she can so she might pass on that knowledge and inspire patients to also learn all they can about their bodies and their medicine.

When she’s not at the clinic or studying Jill enjoys working in her garden, exploring forest preserves and natural areas, yoga, hula-hooping, fire spinning, enjoying live music, spending time with the people she loves and soaking up all the amazing things and experiences this life has to offer!”

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